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Project Custom Rolling Papers consisted of recoding an existing website and create a new e commerce solution and integrate it with an existing cunfigurator -  application, that takes care of designing personalized rolling papers. We have added multilanguage support, cupons, guest checkout, payments with PayPal, Bitcoin and on delivery, different versions of delivery and a direct uplink to the print shop. We also took care of security and optimization (SEO) as well as made a complete analysis of visitors and conversions. We also have a marketing campaign running on Google Adwords and with banner marketing on different websites and portals.

The website also enables you to transfer templates and design your own paper booklets in programs like Adobe Photoshop. You can visit the website on:

Okmal is an international company with over 20 years of tradition. Throughout the years they have come to covering most of Slovenian market. Their main order of business consists of both volume sales as well small sales of their own brand textile confection.

TRAMSEK Marine is a company with many years of experience and vast experties in the nautical field. they can offer you a carefree purchase of new and used vessels as well as take care of their maintenence and transfer while also offering you great charter services if the need arises. Using our experineces and knowladge they will find you the best  solution with the given means.  Thus saving you your precious time as well as money!

At TRAMSEK Marine they treat each and every customer with the upmost respect and individuality.
They strive to build a long term relationship built on trust and good knowlagde of your wishes and desires. They are as profesional and reliable as possible at everything they do.

So just sit back and relax, tell them what you dream of and they will help you find the perfect solution. Our expeirences, connections and knowhow in the nautical field are a guarantee for that. Even after just under twenty years of active service they still feel the same love and devotion to the oceans and seas which offer endless pleasures and benefiets.

Snail Custom Rolling papers je podjetje z dolgoletno tradicijo izdelave papirčkov za zvijanje tobaka.

Na svetovnem tržišču so se uveljavili kot podjetje, ki ugodi vsem okusom, ter si zgradili ime s svojo prilagodljivostjo in ustrežljivostjo! Obiščite njihovo spletno trgovino in si oglejte nekatere izmed odličnih motivov njihovih produktov!




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