Low cost yet quality websites are our company's main motto. We devise the best solution for each client individually and make sure you are happy with the end result!

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User Experience



Years of experience in design and internet marketing have enabled ou to perfect your marketing campaign, to bring you an even better € to customer ratio. . 

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Custom applications



SEO or search engine optimization is a process of improving the ranking of a website in search engines by means of organic or unpaid visits. 

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Developing a website in a process in which we put a lot of time and effort here at Zian Designs. We want to impress your visitors and make them share the same excitement you did when first seeing your brand new website.

But web presence itself doesn't end at only a finished website or an ecommerce store. You need to direct the customers to visit them, something we can achieve by means of custom advertising campaigns!

Are you being overwhelmed by customers or would like someone experienced editing your website?

Zian Designs can help you in all things regarding your web presence.

Why spend your valuable time, time that you could use to service your new customers while we can take care of your website?

We will take over all the maintenance tasks, creating content updates, and keeping customer happy with your website. All you need to do is contact us and tell us your wishes. All new added content is also optimized for better search ranking completely free of charge!

If we do not have a maintenance contract we charge 50€/hour for smaller graphical and content corrections. In depth corrections, which require programming are charged 75€ per hour.

We also offer cost effective hosting of your brand new low cost website or ecommerce. Our hosting plans with access to the Admin Panel start at 100€ for 1024MB of server space and 200GB of monthly bandwidth!

We also offer unlimited support regarding website hosting!

Do you have any more questions regarding website maintenance? Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you, no matter if your questions are about hosting, website design or low cost SEO solutions.

  • Vzdrževanje strani
  • 500€/leto
    • Nadgradnje spletne strani
    • Vzdrževanje programske opreme
    • Sledenje nevarnim spletnim vzorcem
    • Svetovanje glede varnosti na spletu
    • Vnašanje vsebine na stran
    • Poskrbimo za ažurnost
  • Več informacij
  • Spletno gostovanje
  • 100€/letno
    • 1024MB prostora
    • 200GB mesečnega prenosa
    • Profesionalna podpora
    • 5 e-mail naslovov
    • 3 domene
    • 15 MySQL baz
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